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2558 Roosevelt Street

Suite 300

 Carlsbad, CA 92008

Phone: (760) 729-2313

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Law Offices of Borg & Duisters Serving Carlsbad since 1974

If you and your former spouse are fighting over the visitation schedule of the children, the children may feel caught in the middle, as if they are to blame for these problems. At the Law Offices of Borg & Duisters, we understand you want the best situation for your children, and we are here for you. We are experienced Carlsbad Child Visitation Attorneys and Family Law Lawyers who can help resolve your child visitation dispute.

Since 1974, we have been providing personal legal services to clients in Carlsbad, North County San Diego, and throughout Southern California. With our knowledge and experience in these matters, we are prepared to find solutions which are efficient and cost-effective. It is our goal to develop a workable parenting plan that serves the best interests of the children. In addition, we offer a complimentary status conference to each client on a monthly basis. There are no additional fees for this meeting.

Contact our Carlsbad Child Visitation Attorneys by calling (760) 729-2313. We invite you to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your situation and receive answers to our questions. In order to accommodate your busy schedule, we can arrange for appointments in the evenings.

Create a Parenting Plan in Your Child’s Best Interests

Similar to child custody, visitation orders in California must reflect the child’s best interests. State Law requires both parents to have substantial involvement in their children’s lives in most circumstances. Our Carlsbad Child Visitation Lawyers are dedicated to helping parents create fair child visitation plans which give equitable amounts of timeshare to each parent.

In creating an effective parenting plan, Child Visitation Lawyers and Family Law Attorneys at the Law Offices of Borg & Duisters offer skilled guidance as parents give careful consideration to several factors, including:

Some visitation schedules allow for the non-custodial parent to spend only a few hours per week with the child, while other parenting plans allow for overnight visits or a weekly rotation schedule. Factors including each parent’s occupation, work hours, and lifestyle may also be considered when determining where, when, and how often the child will see each parent. In addition, older children and teens may have preference on where their time is spent.

In situations involving domestic violence, restraining orders, allegations of abuse, or other harmful conduct, the court may order supervised visits or no visitation at all.

Child Visitation Disputes in Carlsbad, California

Whether you are involved in a divorce from the other parent, or whether you were never married, working through the pain of dividing your child’s time between two households is never easy. With over 40 years of experience handling family law disputes, our Child Visitation Lawyers are prepared to help you through this difficult time.

As seasoned negotiators, we work diligently to create parenting plans to which both parents can agree and which the court can approve. Our Carlsbad Child Visitation Lawyers draft plans that utilize clear, concise language to minimize confusion and reduce the potential of future conflict. When parents cannot come to an agreement, our Child Visitation Lawyers are skilled litigators who provide knowledgeable representation on your behalf as the matter is decided in court.

When you retain the Law Offices of Borg & Duisters to handle your child visitation matter, we are your experienced legal advocates. We work vigorously to protect your parental rights, and offer invaluable training necessary for your Family Court Services interview. These actions will undoubtedly influence the judge and show that your child will benefit by spending time with you.

Contact an Experienced Child Visitation Lawyer Today

When skilled legal assistance is needed regarding a child visitation matter, or if an agreement cannot be reached, contact our Carlsbad Child Visitation Attorneys and Family Law Lawyers today. We provide personal representation as we work to preserve your visitation rights.

Contact the Law Offices of Borg & Duisters by calling (760) 729-2313 and scheduling a consultation. During your initial meeting, we will discuss your situation and explain your rights in this matter.

Our family law firm may also be reached online. Complete our Case Evaluation Form, and we will arrange for your appointment.

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